The United Methodist Church celebrates baptism as a sacrament symbolizing God's grace and the initiation into the Christian community. We believe in the practice of both infant and believer's baptism. Infant baptism signifies God's prevenient grace, which precedes and prepares individuals for salvation, while believer's baptism is an expression of personal faith and commitment to Christ. Through baptism, we believe individuals are cleansed from sin, incorporated into the body of Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit for discipleship and service. Baptism is seen as a means of grace and a visible sign of God's covenant with humanity.

In our church, baptism serves several key purposes:

Initiation into the Christian Community: Baptism marks the entry of an individual into the community of faith, signifying their inclusion in the body of Christ, the Church.

Symbol of God's Grace: It symbolizes God's grace and love extended to all people, regardless of age or merit. It is a visible sign of God's forgiveness, cleansing from sin, and acceptance of the individual into God's family.

Means of Grace: Baptism is considered one of the means of grace, through which God's presence and transforming power are experienced. It is seen as a moment where God's Spirit works in the life of the individual, drawing them closer to God and empowering them for Christian discipleship.

Commitment to Christian Life: For those baptized as infants, it represents the commitment of parents and the faith community to nurture the child in the Christian faith, helping them grow in their understanding and relationship with God. For those baptized as an adult, it represents a commitment by the faith community to nurture them in the faith, as well.

Public Declaration of Faith: For those baptized as an adult, it is a public declaration of their personal faith in Jesus Christ and their desire to follow him as Lord and Savior. For infants and children, it is a public declaration that the parents and sponsors will nurture this child in the Christian faith until the child is old enough to profess their faith for themselves, i.e., Confirmation.

Overall, baptism in The United Methodist Church serves as a significant spiritual marker, embodying God's grace, forgiveness, and the believer's commitment to a life of discipleship within the Christian community.

God's family here at West Lawn UMC welcomes you. If you are ready to take the next step and have your child baptized, please complete the following form. If you're an adult desiring to be baptized, please complete the Membership Form.

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Baptisms are West Lawn United Methodist Church are generally conducted on the second Sunday of every month during worship. Please note that all worship services are livestreamed. If privacy is a concern for your family, please advise the pastor.