Drop-Off & Pick-Up Procedures

Drop-Off Procedures

Drop-off details for our sales are emailed after you register. Consignors will sign-up as part of the registration process. Multiple spots are available every 15 minutes during the drop-off period. By instituting a sign-up system, we hope to minimize the wait time for consignors as well as the number of people in the building and those gathering at the inspection area.      

Drop-off takes approximately 30-60 minutes. Consignors are required to place their own items on the sales floor, though volunteers are usually available to help. All clothing and shoes must be inspected first.

Under the Pennsylvania Bedding and Upholstery law, we are legally required to sterilize certain items.
Faithful Friends is a Christian mother’s group. All Faithful Friends Consignment Sale Committee Members are mothers. For this reason, Faithful Friends Consignment Sale is a child-friendly event. We do not have any restrictions on children at our public sale, our presales, drop-off or pick-up. Older children can prove very helpful at drop-off and pick-up.  However, if you are able to make alternative arrangements for younger children, you will find the drop-off process goes smoother without them present.

Pick-Up Procedures

Consignor pick-up for our sales is emailed directly to our consignors, and posted on our Facebook page.  We use a staggered pick-up schedule as a back-up in case sorting takes longer than expected to ensure people do not wait around and to minimize mis-sorts. To date, we have only used this schedule one time. We fully expect to be done with sorting prior to 4:30, in which case we will email and post on Facebook, and all consignors can come at that time through 6:00. But otherwise consignors should be prepared to come for pick-up at staggered times—no “early birds.”  We will not be able to confirm the specific times until the week of the sale because we will not know how many consignors actually consign until that time. We anticipate the pick-up times being roughly as follows, however this is not a guarantee:
At or after 4:30: consignors 100-225
At or after 5:00: consignors 226-375
At or after 5:30: consignors 376 and up  

Consignors should use white cardstock for tags for any items they will not be donating. Any unsold items with white tags will be grouped by consignor number. All items with tags with pastel colored cardstock will be automatically pulled for donation without review of the tag. All items not picked up by the end of pick-up will be donated.

Consignors must check-in before picking up items and check-out before leaving.  

At pick-up, remember to get both hanging items (clothes) and boxed items (shoes, toys, books, etc.). Also, check our lost tag table for any of your items that may have gotten separated from their tags. Remember, all Redeemable Items will be donated regardless of the color of the tag.