Faithful Friends Fall 2020 Consignment Sale

Due to the unique complications of Covid-19, we are holding  an outdoor "yard sale" this fall. We are hoping that you will still come out to shop with us, and we eagerly await the day we can hold our traditional consignment sale. For more information on how this sale will be run, as well as how to register, please read below. 
Saturday, October 3, 2020 from 8:00am-1:00pm
RAINDATE: Saturday, October 10, 2020 from 8:00am-1:00pm
Decision on rain postponement will be made and posted by 8pm on October 2.
$15 for 3 parking spaces

A limited number of racks and tables are available to rent as follows:
Small round rack $5
Large rectangular rack $10
Large double rectangular rack $15
Large rectangular table $5

*Due to the nature of a yard sale, there is no split percentages for sales.  You keep all of your money for whatever you sell.  Faithful Friends’ only portion is the up-front cost of leasing the space and the optional cost of renting the racks and tables.
Register online by filling out the form below.  
Or hand deliver cash or a check to the West Lawn United Methodist Church office Monday-Friday between 9-4.  

NOTE:  If you are requesting to rent racks or tables DO NOT pay until we confirm availability.  Registration will log requests by date/time of receipt.  We will email a confirmation and you will have 48 hours to pay.  Given our limited numbers, failure to pay within that time period may result in the rack or table being rented to someone else.  
All fees are non-refundable unless Faithful Friends cancels the Yard Sale on both dates due to weather or public health issues
The deadline to register and pay is Thursday, October 1.

We will not be using the MyConsignment Manager system for the yard sale.  You do not need to enter items or print tags.  You decide how much to price your items and whether and by what means you want to mark or label them.
You are entirely responsible for taking payment and making change for your own items.  We will be advertising the sale as “cash only,” but if you choose to accept a check or have the ability to take a credit card, that is your personal option and risk.

Set-up will begin at 7:15am.  
Participants will be emailed their spot number in advance.  All spots will be clearly marked, and any rented items will already be placed in the designated spots.  Participants may drive directly to their spot. Participants may choose whether or not to park in one of their three spots, but may not sell out of the back of their cars.  No cars can be moved on or off the lot between 7:50am-1:00pm.

The yard sale ends at 1:00pm.  
After 1:00pm, participants may drive their car off the lot, or if parked elsewhere, to their spot to load up.  Any participants that plan to leave early must park off the lot and carry their items to their car—no cars will be allowed to drive in the yard sale area between 7:50am and 1:00pm.  Faithful Friends will retrieve all rented racks and tables but participants are expected to remove all unsold items and trash and clean up their selling area entirely.  Faithful Friends will also have an option for unwanted, unsold goods (see below).
Items to Sell
Faithful Friends is known as a children’s and maternity consignment sale and we encourage you to primarily sell those types of items.  However, we are merely leasing you the space; you are responsible for deciding what to sell, pricing the items, and doing the actual selling.
Due to the nature of the yard sale, there will be no consignor pre-sales.
Due to the nature of the yard sale, there is no percentage benefit to volunteering or need to cover specific stations, so we will not be using volunteers this sale.  However, we always welcome additional helpers to carry racks and tables during clean-up if anyone has ten minutes to spare.  
West Lawn United Methodist Church requires wearing masks covering mouths and noses AT ALL TIMES while on campus.  The Church does not see this as a political statement but as an act of Christian kindness to our entire community.  “But in humility consider others as more important than yourselves.”  Philippians 2:3.  Even though the yard sale will be outside, there will be substantial interaction between people and, at times, an inability to social distance.  For that reason all participants—sellers and shoppers-- are required to wear masks at all times during the yard sale.  Individuals who fail to comply will be asked to leave.    
Unsold Items
In the event you have any unsold items you no longer want, we will arrange for a pick up from a non-profit organization.  All items must be boxed or bagged (except for very large items), and placed in a clearly marked location at the end of the sale.  
Spring Sale
We are hopeful to be able to hold our traditional Spring Consignment Sale in the March.  Look for more information on Facebook and online in the coming months!

Consignor Registration 

We have over 50 consigners registered for this sale, and there are only TWO SPOTS left! If you would like to register, please email us directly at   All registered consignors have been contacted. If you have registered and have not received a confirmation, PLEASE EMAIL US.  Thank you! 


The beneficiary for Faithful Friends’ proceeds from the Yard Sale will be Charlotte Roland and the Roland family.  Charlotte is a beautiful, strong, smart 7-year-old who loves God, her family, and her life of school, friends, dancing, swimming, going to the beach, and playing with her 4-year old sister and 2-year old brother.
On June 26 2020, the Roland Family’s life completely changed in an instant.  Charlotte was rushed to Saint Joe’s ER in Reading for a brain bleed. She was taken immediately by helicopter to the children’s hospital at Hershey where she had emergency brain surgery. On July 10, it was learned that the cause of this brain bleed was a level 4 medullablastoma brain tumor. Since the diagnosis, Charlotte has already undergone two additional brain surgeries and started radiation at CHOP, which will be completed late September.  She will then relocate to St. Jude’s in Memphis, TN with her mom and Grandma for four months of clinical trial chemotherapy and radiation.
Charlotte's warrior mom Barbara has been by her side this entire time, and her loving dad Andy has been by her side, while also traveling back and forth to Reading to be with her siblings, and to continue working as a self-employed realtor.  

The Rolands are members of West Lawn UMC, and Barbara is long-time Faithful Friends volunteer.  They have an incredible journey ahead of them and we are grateful to be able to help support them during this challenging time.