Fees & Services

Registration Fee
There is a $7.00 registration fee for all consignors, which will be deducted from your final sales proceeds. This is Faithful Friends only automatic fee and includes the cost of mailing proceed checks.
Tagging Guns & Safety Pins (Optional)
Faithful Friends rents tagging guns. Tagging guns are $5 for a 48 hour rental with 250 tagging barbs. Additional barbs are available at $1 for 100. We also have safety pins available for sale. Bags of 100 assorted-sized pins are $2.
Hangers (Optional)
Faithful Friends sells hangers, available in three different groupings:  
Assorted hangers:  For most consignors, this is your best deal. The fee is $1 for 18 hangers or $5 for 100 hangers. The hangers are a mix of wire and plastic (mostly), adult and child-sized, shirt and pants.
Child-sized hangers: This is a better deal for consignors who are selling just infant and smaller toddler sizes. The fee is $1 for 12 hangers or $5 for 70 hangers.  The hangers are almost entirely plastic and a mix of infant and child sized and shirt and pants.
Adult-sized hangers: This is the best deal for consignors selling sizes 8 and above. The fee is $1 for 30 or $3 for 100 hangers.
We have a limited number of hangers each sale. Unused hangers cannot be returned for a refund.  
For more information about any of these services, email us at WLUMCFaithfulFriends@gmail.com.