Paradise - Pastor Tom (2.25.24)

Feb 25, 2024    Pastor Tom Ebersole

The Greek words used to describe the two men crucified with Jesus portray violent people who have done really bad things. They represent Jesus’ last conversation with another human being before dying. Do people who do not know Christ, feel comfortable around you? Do they know you are a Christian? Are you willing to go and associate with those our society has cast aside? There were two criminals beside Jesus on the cross. One turned away from Christ and the other turned toward him. The writer of Luke presents us with a question, which of those two will you be? Is what we find in the two thieves also present in us? One thief asks Jesus to “remember” him. What does it mean to be remembered by God? If Jesus remembered this man, do you believe he remembers you? Jesus responds, “… today you will be with me in paradise.” What is paradise? Why didn’t Jesus say heaven? Jesus is offering a picture of our eternal destiny -- what will that be like?