Woman, Here Is Your Son - Pastor Tom (3.10.24)

Mar 10, 2024    Pastor Tom Ebersole

Mary’s life of faith was a journey that she likely did not expect. Her journey represents our journey. Put yourself in Mary’s place at the foot of the cross. What feelings come forward?  Does this give you strength when you consider God’s vision for your life? 

All who do the will of God are Jesus’ family – his mother, brother and sister. Have you accepted the church as your family? At the cross the responsibility is given to care for those whom Jesus loves. Have you accepted this responsibility? All of our families have complicated relationships and situations. Is there anyone you need to reconcile with? What can you change in your life that could bring healing to your family? 

Open your heart to God during these 40 days of Lent, ask God in prayer to give you the strength to follow through.