I Am Thirsty - Pastor Tom (3.17.24)

Mar 17, 2024    Pastor Tom Ebersole

John is the most enigmatic Gospel; full of dualism and layers of meaning, there is always something deeper. Scholars believe Jesus’ statement, “I thirst,” means more than what we read on the surface, but they do not agree on what. This statement is a way for Jesus to point to his humanity. “I thirst” is Jesus informing us that he has emptied the cup from which he came to drink. What is this cup? Jesus is reminding us that he is the source of “living water,” and he now thirsts. Maybe Jesus was praying to his Father? He was counting on God to be there for him. Do you thirst for God in your life? Someone had the courage to step up and offer a drink to a thirsty man on a cross. Jesus, the Lamb of God, is delivering you, saving you and setting you free from whatever oppresses you. Have you responded by stepping out in courage and taking the hard and difficult path?