Meet the West Lawn Nursery Staff

Kim Duffy
Kim is currently a stay-at-home mom of two young daughters. Prior to starting a family, she earned a degree from Albright College in child & family studies, elementary education, and special education. She worked as a teacher for over 10 years. In her spare time, Kim enjoys spending time with her family, the outdoors, animals, sports, and trips to the beach.

Regarding her work at WLUMC, Kim says, “I really enjoy being around children and watching them continuously grow. I’ve worked with children my entire life and it’s one of my life’s passions.”
Cristina Raimondi
Cristina is a mom to one daughter, Lana Leigh (8). She is also an HR Generalist with the Reading School District. Her hobbies include cooking, activities with her pups, and traveling to N.J. to visit the beach and family.

Cristina began serving in the WLUMC nursery in 2017 to help her daughter socialize with peers. Lana eventually outgrew the nursery, but Cristina only grew to love it more! She says, “Our littlest members of the church community bring me so much joy! I love watching them grow and learn and am grateful to the families of WLUMC for allowing me the opportunity to support them each week.”
Emma Vogel
Emma is an Alvernia University occupational therapy major, slated to graduate with her master’s degree in 2027. She enjoys reading, gardening, nature walks, photography, yoga, babysitting, and listening to music.

As for her role at church, Emma says, “I found my passion working with the smallest members of our community. Children have shown me the highest quality of what it means to be gentle, kind, and resilient. Every Sunday morning, I am thankful to be part of WLUMC and the warm and caring community that has shown me countless amounts of love throughout the years.”
Kimberly Wixon
Kimberly is a mother of three: Kyle (22), Breanna (19), and Bryan (15). She is also a Direct Service Supervisor at the John Paul II Center for Special Learning Adult Program. Kimberly’s hobbies include movies, music, traveling, volunteering at Genesius Theater, and spending time with family and friends.

When it comes to her work at WLUMC, she says, “I enjoy helping in the nursery and with babysitting because I can think of no better way to give back to this amazing church that has had such a profound impact on my children’s lives through their involvement in the youth group. I am grateful for the blessings and friendships they found here at WLUMC. The youth are an important part of any church’s foundation and I'm honored to play a small part in caring for them.”