Preparing Items to Consign

Try to make your items as appealing as possible. Spending a little extra time getting your items ready will make a HUGE difference in the amount of your check at the end of the sale. Items with a heavy smoke odor will not be accepted. Put several small clothing items (socks, bibs, etc.) together in clear plastic bags and sell as a unit. Make sure that all parts of toys are included, bagging small items and attaching them securely to the larger part. Putting your consignor number on all small parts is advised. Loose pieces are very likely to become separated from their item (for instance game pieces falling out of a game or pots and pans getting separated from a play kitchen).  

Combine matching items to make an outfit
All clothing items must be on a hanger, with the hook facing to the left when you are looking at the item (to make a “?”). Hang pants on a pants hanger, or from the top of a wire hanger (not the bottom) using safety pins to secure it. This will eliminate the pants from shifting from one side to the other on the hanger. Faithful Friends has a limited number of hangers available for sale. Email us at if you want to purchase hangers. All tags must be attached to the garment’s tag at the back of the neck or waist or through the right underarm/waistband seam if the item does not have a tag (for tagging guns), or to the right side of the item (when looking at it) (for safety pins). DO NOT put a tagging gun barb through the garment itself because it will create a hole. Use safety pins to attach multi-piece outfits to each other not tagging gun barbs. No straight pins, staples, or small safety pins please. Only plastic tagging barbs or medium/large safety pins.

Sort clothing items by gender and by size, and make sure both shoes in a pair are tied securely together or placed in a clear plastic zipper bag.
Use packing tape to attach tags to non-clothing items unless it will damage the item when the tape is removed.  For those items, especially books, use blue painters tape. DO NOT use double stick tape.  

Consignors set their own prices.  There is no “right” price, but in general items resell at 25-40% of original price—a little higher for unique items or items with tags, a little lower for casual or older items.  Consider what you would be willing to pay when setting a price.  
Prices must be no less than .50 cents and in .50 cent increments

Donating Items and Proceeds
All of Faithful Friends’ proceeds from the sale will be donated to local non-profits in our community. Consignors can choose to automatically donate unsold items.  We also accept donations of items prior to the sale and during pickup.  

Pennsylvania Bedding and Upholstery Law
Under Pennsylvania law, we are legally required to sterilize certain items.