Christian Recreational Softball League (CRSL)

West Lawn United Methodist Church is forming a new, slow pitch softball league! Beginning play this spring, our league will be recreational and non-competitive, meaning there won’t be standings nor playoffs. We will promote a laid-back, fun atmosphere that will offer an opportunity for everyone to play – the athletic and the non-athletically gifted alike, both men and women, differently-abled persons, first-time softballers and former professionals, to youth that are 13 years or older… everyone is invited to play. The CRSL will provide an atmosphere for fellowship that will deepen relationships and foster new ones, while welcoming all to experience Jesus.

Yes, there are other leagues in our area, but they are all competitive in nature. In fact, WLUMC played in one of the leagues the previous two years and has removed itself from it. In an effort to create a place for other people to participate, players that are rostered with those leagues will not be permitted to play in our recreational league.

About the CRSL

Cost per team will be $200, which will cover field rental and game balls
WLUMC will field two teams; we’re looking for 4-6 more teams to join
Teams will join on a first come, first served basis
Deadline to register is March 15, 2024

All games will be played in the Sinking Spring area
Every team to play one another three times
One game per week, potentially two at most
Played on Thursday evenings and/or Saturday mornings
Games will alternate between Thursdays and Saturdays
Fenced-in field with 70’ base paths and 50’ pitching mound to home plate distance
Umpires will be volunteers
Players from other teams or members of our congregations
Questionable calls will be settled with grace and/or a do-over

Softballs will be a .44 COR, 375 lbs. compression
USA stamped softball bats
Using these balls and bats, the ball will travel slower and not as far as harder balls or with other certified bats (better player safety and greater opportunity for more people to participate)

Team shall have at least 15 players
Ensures that teams won’t have to cancel games due to unavailability (VBS, vacation, work, family, illness, etc.)
10 players play the field, may bat up to 12 players
If a church has more than one team, the teams need to be split by way of evaluation/draft to ensure parity
Rosters are to be made up primarily of church members, but we are welcoming to outreach players
Uniforms are not required, but encouraged as it fosters camaraderie

Interested in Playing?

Players from WLUMC, complete this form.

Players from other churches whose church isn't participating in this league, complete this form. You will be placed on another church's team.

If your representing another church and would like to have your church join the CRSL, please email Pastor Chris Hardy.