Welcome Stephanie Serfass to the West Lawn Team

Stephanie Serfass, West Lawn’s newest staff team member, is originally from the Lehigh Valley, PA. Growing up, she had an excellent example of living faith in her parents (mom – Debbie is a UMC paster’s daughter & father – Joel have largely influenced her faith journey). As a child, she and her three siblings (1 of whom attends West Lawn – Kimberly Duffy) were raised to prioritize the importance of faith. Steph also credits them with demonstrating an incredible model for generosity and service.

Steph has worked with children in her first home church in Bethlehem, PA, volunteering and then taking on a small part-time paid childcare role as she grew up. Her early career focus was on Occupational Therapy following a fall that resulted in two badly broken wrists that required occupational therapy. Becoming well acquainted during her time receiving rehabilitation and surgeries, she discovered a potential career path in early childhood development and pediatric occupational therapy. Stephanie then worked as a certified occupational therapy assistant in the school system, focusing on special needs and ASD. She remains passionate about working with children and families with special needs or who are neurodivergent.

Life challenges of her own and in the lives of those she loves eventually led her to take time away to reflect and reassess her path. During this time, she began to feel strongly that she needed to be in the church; unsure of the specific capacity, she responded to a churchwide bulletin announcement calling for help needed in children’s ministry. She attended church regularly, learned as much as possible about various ministry path options, and attended Bible studies when offered.

During this time, she did whatever was needed to help the Director of Children’s ministry. This relationship's proven reliability and work ethic led to another part-time childcare position. She continued volunteering during this time. When the children’s minister left to start a family shortly thereafter, a Kids’ Ministry restructuring opened up a previously unavailable job at the church. From there, she became the Children’s Ministry Coordinator, later being promoted to Director of Kids’ Ministry after completing a bachelor’s degree in theology & biblical studies.

She is passionate about what she does and ensures each child feels seen, known, accepted, and loved unconditionally. Early conceptions or experiences of the church can aid in a child’s core beliefs and, hopefully, an understanding that regardless of what happens in life, they can come ‘home’ to the church. The relationships with youth at church have been primarily with those whom she has taught earlier during her time in ministry or with those who serve; her previous church did not have an active youth ministry since pre-covid times, but she is very excited to begin working with the youth in West Lawn.

Professional life aside, Steph values physical activity, faith, transparency, creativity (graphic design and her self-proclaimed odd font obsession), family, and sarcastic humor. Steph is leaving the `sunshine state (where she has lived for roughly ten years) to move back to Pennsylvania and be closer to her siblings, grandmother, aunts, and nieces.