Consignor registration is open. Faithful Friends uses an electronic web-based tagging system.  

Benefits of Consigning

Why consign and shop with Faithful Friends Consignment Sale?  By participating in our sale, you are helping your family, your community, and your world!
  • Consigning and Shopping with Faithful Friends Benefits Your Family
  • Clear out clutter in your house and earn money for your family by selling gently-used children and maternity items that you no longer use. Consignors receive 70% of their sales and consignors who volunteer receive 80%--that’s the highest percentage of any local sale. Five-time consignors receive an additional 1% and ten-time consignors receive another 1%.
  • Make your family budget got further by buying needed items for ever-growing children at a fraction of retail costs. Consignors get to shop early at presales guaranteeing the best selection.  Volunteers get to shop early at the presales and also before the half-price sale opens on Saturday.
Consigning and Shopping with Faithful Friends Benefits Your Community
  • Faithful Friends is a ministry not a business. By consigning and shopping with Faithful Friends, you can feel good knowing that Faithful Friends’ proceeds are going to local non-profits that serve Berks County families and children. To date we have donated nearly $70,000 dollars to the following organizations: New Journey Community Outreach, City Lights Ministry, Ronald McDonald House of Central PA, Hannah's Hope (formerly Bridge of Hope of Berks County), Family Promise of Berks County, and Mercy Crisis Pregnancy Center.
  • By shopping at Faithful Friends not only are you getting a bargain, you also know your money is staying local with families like yours.
  • Faithful Friends forwards your unsold, donated goods to local non-profit organizations, helping families in need. To date we have donated tens of thousands of items to the following organizations: the Rudden Family Foundation, Threads of Change, Hannah's Hope (formerly Bridge of Hope of Berks County), Nurse-Family Partnership of Berks County, and Mercy Crisis Pregnancy Center.
  • Faithful Friends also created a Clothing Closet with it donations, and works with West Lawn United Methodist Church to meet emergency clothing needs of local families.
  • During numerous sales Faithful Friends and our consignors have contributed goods to families impacted by traumatic or significant loss due fires, medical emergencies, or death.
Consigning and Shopping with Faithful Friends Benefits Your World
  • Every year the average American throws away 65 pounds of clothing! In total, discarded clothes and textiles total over 14.3 million pounds of waste per year. Americans buy (and throw away) 40% of the world’s toys even though only 4% of the world’s children live in America.
  • By consigning with Faithful Friends, you are giving your children's and maternity items second (and third and fourth!) lives and decreasing your family’s contribution to landfills.
  • Shopping at Faithful Friends is the green way to go! Don’t buy new, reuse!

What to Consign

We accept consignments for any like-new items relating to children and maternity, except for cribs, car seats, stuffed animals and mattresses. Each consignor can tag up to 450 items.  Consignors will be able to place 400 items on the sales floor at drop off.  The remaining items (up to 50) will be held in a holding room. The Faithful Friends Committee will restock the sales floor with these items no later than Thursday evening.  
Some examples of acceptable items:
  • Children’s clothing and shoes (preemie through teens).  
    • For our Fall sales, this includes long sleeved shirts, fall/winter jackets, pants, jeans, skirts, dresses, shoes, sneakers and boots. Absolutely no summer items.
    • For our Spring sales, this includes short sleeved shirts, spring jackets, shorts, jeans, skirts, dresses, shoes, sneakers and water shoes/flip flops. Absolutely no winter items.
  • Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's Day items
  • Toys, bikes, riding toys, dolls, puzzles, etc.  
  • Infant/Toddler furniture and equipment (NO cribs, Fisher Price Rock-n-Plays or car seats), including strollers, pack-n-plays, bassinets, changing tables, activity mats, Bumbos (with safety straps only), bouncy seats, baby carriers, etc.
  • Books, computer games, CDs, DVDs, and children’s electronics (no VHS)
  • Maternity clothing (all seasons) and supplies (please note that maternity clothes do not sell as well as children’s clothes so we strongly encourage each consignor to self-limit to their ten best maternity clothing items)
  • Sports items, gymnastics and dancewear, dress-up clothes, and Halloween costumes  
  • Child-sized beds (no cribs)
  • Larger outdoor play items
All items must be in like-new condition. Items with stains, tears, holes or other damage will NOT be accepted for the main sale.  See Redeemable Item section for exceptions.  
Redeemable Items (Bargain Bin)

We offer a separate area to sell items with minor imperfections that still have life left in them. These are perfect playclothes! Requirements for redeemable items are as follows:
  • Must be seasonally appropriate
  • Must be marked $1.00 or $.50
  • Items need to be in over-all good shape with minor imperfection (i.e. small stains, mended tears in places that are not obvious, distressed or patched knees, missing buttons, broken zippers). No holes or tears. No significant staining.
  • Nothing in baggies except for shoes
  • All items must be included in the ½ price sale and must be marked for donation
  • You can pre-tag any item for this area. During inspection you can decide if you want to include any declined items but you will need to review our tagging instructions on how to do that.  Redeemable items should not be on hangers.
This sale is for fall/winter items only. Except for maternity items, all spring/summer clothing will be rejected, and if missed at inspection will be pulled from the sales floor.  No cribs or car seats (which include infant bucket seats, regular car seats, car booster seats, and bike child seats) will be accepted due to safety recalls and expiration dates.  We also do not accept stuffed animals with the exceptions of pillow pets, battery operated stuffed animals and baby "loveys."

Consignor FAQ's

What percentages do consignors earn? All consignors receive 70% of their sales. Consignors who volunteer for one 4-hour shift receive 80% of their sales. We also give an extra 1% to 5-time consignors and another 1% to 10-time consignors.
Do you accept car seats? No, we do not accept car seats, booster seats, or child bike seats.
Do you accept stuffed animals?  No. The exceptions are battery operated stuffed animals, pillow pets, and baby “loveys.”
Why am I getting a “print code required” message when I try to print my tags?  You must have entered the system directly through the My Consignment Manager site. Log out and exit the site, and log in through our website or
When is the deadline to register to sell?  The last day to register to sell is midnight the Sunday before our sale week. However, due to facility space limitations, it is possible we could cut off registrations if we exceeded the number of consignors we have determined we have space to handle. To date that has not occurred.
Is there a deadline for entering items into the system? The system will automatically lock and not allow the entry of any new items at 8 AM on the Tuesday before our sale. After that time, you can still print tags but can not enter new items or change already entered items.
When and how do I get paid after the sale? Checks are mailed within three weeks of the end of the sale.